Rina & Samantha

12" x 12"

“A Portrait is a painting with something wrong with the mouth” — John Singer Sargent

I just loved the reference photo that Rina sent me of her and her daughter, Samantha and was excited about this commission.  I did not imagine that it would be so much of a struggle and challenge.  This painting felt like it was on my easel forever. In a period of 3 months, it went through many changes.  I painted and repainted. Stepped back and let it sit on my easel for weeks before returning to it.  I kept on pushing and reaching deeper within myself.  I don’t think I ever struggled so much painting a mouth.  Fortunately there was no time pressure of a deadline.   …and then one morning I got up and just new what to do to complete the painting. I am happy with the final version, but more than that, Rina is happy with the final version.

Original in private collection.

Completed: November 2021

  • Acrylic on Birch Wood Panel Canvas