Annelea Blignaut

Annelea Blignaut Annelea Blignaut Annelea Blignaut

Hello, I’m Annelea

Canadian Painter – Original Fine Art. International Adventurer. Communicating Messy and Marvellous Lives on Canvas.

International adventurer. Proud South African. Canadian Artist. My life has been a long book, each chapter contributing to the vibrant person I am today. I’ve travelled, worked, and volunteered throughout China, Bosnia, Croatia, and Chile, to name a few. Today, I joyfully create original works of art in beautiful Barrie, Ontario.

I’ve always been creative. When I was in highschool, instead of sketching a frog in biology class, I took the time to sketch every fine detail, including the muscular back legs, bulging eyes and spotted skin – this is what brought, and continues to bring, me joy.

My artistic journey has not been linear, but much like the moon’s gravitational forces on the ocean tides, there’s a constant push and pull, pushing me to learn and explore. I’ve done extensive workshops in portrait drawing, colour theory, landscapes and abstracts. I’ve flirted with watercolours, oils, pastels, charcoal, pencil, pen and ink, and eventually, I fell passionately in love with acrylic and portraiture. Acrylic allows me to use bold, vibrant colours, and apply layer upon layer to the artwork, similar to the complex layers of a person’s life. I’m fascinated with people – their pain and hopes – and I paint to make their messy and marvellous stories leap off the canvas.

Stuff your eyes with wonder; live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream. — Ray Bradbury

I don’t plan, I let each subject inspire the art. I study the golden flecks in peoples’ eyes, the way the light hits their earlobes, the hunch of their shoulders – and translate those aspects into unique pieces. I’ve been told that I’m a sponge, and one of my best attributes as an artist is my ability to absorb the subject’s expression and emotion. I paint peoples’ souls and feelings, and personify each and every personal painting. While each person has a different culture, perception, and stories, underneath we are all the same. We yearn for freedom, self-expression, beauty and connection. I paint therefor I am.

I’m a member of the Barrie Art Club and exhibited at the Barrie Art Club, The Edge Gallery, Cathy Boyd Gallery in Midland, Simcoe County Museum, Kempenfelt Art Festival in Barrie. In 2019, I took part in the Fort Willow Historical Re-enactors Festival to paint live on-site. My canvas piece, She Rises Up, received 3rd place in the February 2021 People’s Choice Awards and sold immediately. Upon receiving it, Amy, the proud owner, said:

“I loved opening it and smelling the painting! Man, it took me back to when I was a child and my mom was painting! It’s beautiful. Love it!! The texture is great. It makes looking at the painting more fun as I try to see what steps you took to paint it. I really love the canvas quality.”

When I’m not deep into my art, you can find me dancing, hiking, and enjoying delicious food, wine and conversation with friends. I invite you to upload your favourite picture here for a quote and discover how an original painting can bring a treasured memory back to life. Original fine art for your home, as a gift, and to honour a special person or event! To purchase or for commissions contact me [email protected].

Customers, Collectors, & Fans

  • This is beautiful! I like the sketch, and the way you built on it with colour is powerful. K. Park
  • This is amazing! Loving the textures all throughout the colorful piece! A. Neba
  • I love paintings like that. You created such a lovely piece with a sweet memory behind it. M. Safai