The Trio

16" x 20"

“The dog lives for the day, the hour, even the moment”               — Robert Falcon Scott

I am not a dog person, actually I am not a pet person.  I love and appreciate animals, just not in my own personal space.

This is my first dog portrait because a friend asked me to do this as a Christmas gift to her sister.  I found it more challenging than a person portrait as I am not as familiar with dog anatomy.  The reference photos were not clear as Lorraine could not ask her sister for photos for fear of raising suspicion.

I loved the process albeit challenging at times, especially since it was ordered with realistic colours.  Fortunately I was asked for some colour abstraction at the end.  I could do that 🙂

I was very happy when she was happy with the portrait because “it portrays the personalities and relationships of these three dogs.”

Mission accomplished, I might just get to a place where I enjoy pet portraits.

Painted: November 2021

Original in private collection.

  • Acrylic on stretched canvas